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Happily Ever After…


Twenty-five years ago this month, my husband and I said “I do.”  We promised to love each other in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for better or worse…till death do us part.  Countless people make these vows, or some variation of them, every year.

Yet, despite our promise, the current divorce rate is over 50%.

I often laugh when people ask me how long I’ve been married because I usually answer, “Almost twenty-five years, and almost twenty of those have been happy.”  The reply always gets a smile or a laugh, but there’s also echoes of truth.  As a romance writer, I am in the powerful position of creating a happily ever after for my fictional characters.  BUT, guess what?  As a wife, I’m also in a position to help create my own happily ever after.  Is it is easier as a writer?  You bet!  The words on a page can be easily (okay maybe not easily, but it can be done LOL) changed to either make life better or worse for my hero and heroine.

Life, is not as easily changed and the “sickness, poorer, and worse” part of our vows seem to be more prevalent than the “health, richer and better” part, doesn’t it?  The bottom line, though, we promised to love our mate in all of those.  See what happens when we’re young and in love?  LOL

This month in my blog, we’re going to talk about love and some of the advice I was given to help go the distance in this journey of marriage.  I’ve stumbled along the way, there’s no doubt – we all do.  The point is, to make this journey a marathon rather than a 100 meter dash, we have to be willing to pull ourselves up, pull our mate up, and carry on.  We have to appreciate that a “happily ever after” doesn’t always mean “happiness every day”.

I hope you’ll join me as we talk about love, heroes and heroines, and happily ever after!

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