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What Makes You Beautiful #6

the_man_behind_abercrombie_fitchThere has been a lot of press and talk this week about what makes a person beautiful or cool.  The old adage, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is so very true.  In the eye of this beholder, the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch would definitely not capture my eye as someone “beautiful”.  And, since we’re always honest with each other here, I’m confident he wouldn’t find me beautiful either.  My other physical attributes aside, the mere fact my waist line won’t fit in a size 10 or less would disqualify me from his characterization of both cool and beautiful.

Guess what?  I’m okay with that – because to the people who matter to me…I am cool.  I am beautiful.  My twelve year old nephew thinks I’m the coolest Aunt ever and his opinion matters more to me than any CEO ever will.

The purpose of my post is not to rail against the CEO of A & F – he is entitled to his view of beauty, just as I am to mine.  AND, as America is a free market, he and his company have the right to advertise to whomever they want.  While I, as a consumer, have the right to patronize and support whatever store I want.

People find beauty in different places and in different people.  The more open we are to finding beauty, the more our lives will be blessed by both wonderful people and places.  Most importantly, though, I believe its critical to find beauty within ourselves.  Learning to love ourselves, regardless of our pant size, hair color, or bust size is a critical component of finding both peace and happiness.

So this next week as we are bombarded with advertisements, articles and opinions on how to become more “beautiful”, remember YOU are unique and special and there are others out there who want to see the beauty in you.  The more you believe you are beautiful (both inside and out) the more that will show through and bless those around you.

Go on…Be Beautiful!



What Makes You Beautiful #5

kind-words-areMy mother always used to tell me, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  Those words stuck with me throughout my life and made me very conscious that words have the power to hurt others deeply.  The old adage of “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” couldn’t be farther from the truth.

So as I considered what would be the topic for this week’s “Beautiful” post, I thought about the power of words.  As an author, words are very important to me.  I understand how phrasing can impact a message, the power of punctuation and selecting the right words can be the difference in a powerful scene and one that makes my readers yawn.

I have the privilege of knowing someone who takes the wise proverb my mother taught me one step further.  Not only does she not use hurtful words, but always seems to find a way to say something kind as well.  Sincere. Kind. Uplifting Words.  You can just imagine how much I enjoy talking to her!  She makes me smile and makes me feel beautiful through her kind words each time we have a conversation.  How awesome is that?

This week, I found beauty in another person’s kindness and the way they share that with those around them.  In  world filled with violence and anger, beauty is found in treating each other with kindness and respect – pointing out the positives you see in them and letting them see it too!

Never forget the power your words have (for good or bad) and make someone else feel beautiful this week by sharing kind words with them. I promise – you’ll feel beautiful in return when you see the positive impact on their faces!

Go on – Be Beautiful!!



What Makes You Beautiful #4

AALast week, American Airlines had a bad day.  To my knowledge they are still trying to get to the bottom of what caused their reservation system to fail for several hours.  With this system down, the problems cascaded into other areas causing cancelled flights, delayed flights and, of course, unhappy passengers.

I was “fortunate” to be one of the passengers slated on a 7:00 p.m. flight that evening.  Before I even made it to the airport, I received a text notification advising my flight had been delayed until 10:15 p.m.  For a night person, not the end of the world.  Plus, I really try to be a glass half full kind of gal, so I decided to take advantage of what little status I had with the airlines and check in with a priority access agent at O’Hare to see if I could be rebooked on US Airways (they are partners now) or even another American flight that could get me in earlier.  My meeting was scheduled for 9 am the next morning, so at this point, I wasn’t too concerned.

Over the next several hours, I encountered several people.  Some who had taken the adversity they were having to deal with (through no fault of their own, I might add) and handled it with grace, humor and a kind spirit.  Others, not as well.

So for this week’s installment of what makes you beautiful…I believe that people who show grace under pressure and adversity display an inner strength and positive demeanor making them beautiful.  They understand we have a choice each day.  There are good days.  There are bad days.  Some days – a little of both.  It’s how we handle what life throws us that can make us happy (and beautiful) or angry and bitter.

As my momma always says, “Life is about choices.”  What choice will you make AND what impact will that have on your life?

Oh, and for those of you wondering, I arrived in Arkansas at 12:30 a.m. along with my luggage.  To say I was happy at that moment in time…well, it just wouldn’t have done the situation justice!  🙂

Go on…Be Beautiful!!



What Makes You Beautiful – Week 3

disneyThis past week, I had the privilege of staying in the Disneyland Hotel in California for a conference.  Though it has been a long time since the magic of Disney has left me wide eyed with wonder, I must confess the hotel’s attention to detail had me suitably impressed.  From the lights in the bathroom, the etchings on the controls for the bath, every piece of art and decoration, and even the fabric on the chairs in the conference center boasted Mickey ears or some well-known Disney reference.  Amazing branding and incredibly impressive…even for Disney J

Those thoughts brought me to this week’s excerpt of “What Makes You Beautiful”.  Have you ever known someone who remembered details?  I don’t mean phone numbers from when they were kids (though that’s pretty impressive too!) I’m referring to someone who remembers your favorite flowers, color, or some other minor detail that demonstrates they are truly interested and care about YOU!  Not only does this make me feel special but I see an inner beauty in the other person that shows through in the level of care and attention they show in their relationships with others.

In a world continually pressed for time and conflicting demands, often times caring for each other…and the human spirit…can fall dangerously low on the “things to do” list for us.  Take just a moment of this precious time to think about the last time someone made you feel so very special because of the detail they gave to you or relationship…how did that make you feel?

So this week’s beauty challenge is to find someone you can give the gift of your time and attention to – focus on the little things they say or do and find some way to let them know you care through what you learn – I promise seeing the appreciation in their eyes will more than reward you for the time and energy spent!

Go on – be beautiful!!



Romancing Real World Heroines…One Mystery at a Time

What Makes You Beautiful – Week 2

For this week’s entry about “What Makes You Beautiful”, I wanted to share an inner trait (rather than a physical attribute) that makes people beautiful.

My day job is business development (sales), and one of the things they always teach us is to get people to talk about themselves – because EVERYONE loves to talk about themselves, right?  (C’mon – we agreed to be honest with each other right?  🙂 )

On the other side of that spectrum, it requires someone be there to LISTEN!  Have you ever noticed the same letters used to spell the word LISTEN – also are used in the word SILENT?  (Go ahead – double check)  In order to actively listen – we have to be quiet.  This means both our thoughts and our voice.  Not preparing what we’re going to say next while someone else is talking…because then we might miss something important they are going to say.

Knowing someone is truly listening to me share about my joys, my sorry, my successes, my failures – makes them beautiful to me!!

I hope you have someone in YOUR life who truly listens – it’s one of the greatest gifts we can give each other 🙂

Until Next Time…


Romancing Real World Heroines…One Mystery at a Time

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